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Change doesn’t happen in a vacuum.

Advocates influence agendas and policies by engaging directly with decision makers, bringing personal experience to the forefront, and telling their stories – or stories on behalf of others who can’t speak for themselves.

At Advocacy Solutions, we are re-envisioning advocacy that includes a detailed needs assessment, campaign strategy and plan development, teaching and training, and ongoing coaching and support.

We give YOU the power to affect change, cut through the noise, and have your voice heard.

Why is Advocacy Important?

The ability to advocate effectively has become increasingly important in today’s social and political climate. Advocacy gives a voice to the voiceless and helps ensure they are heard. It drives recognition of a cause or policy and is a fact-driven pursuit designed to raise awareness, educate listeners and affect change – critical to the success of any advocacy campaign.

Our team’s unique blend of experience and expertise in law, government, stakeholder and public relations is the lens through which we provide the teaching, training and tools needed to enable and empower successful advocacy.

You have “the ask.” We have the experience. Working together, we’ll make sure your advocacy campaign is a success.